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Blog Thunderdome vs. Itself
by Dave McAwesome

I had always considered it the height of unfunniness when people would shoot me an email, "dude, you should, like, put Blog Thunderdome in and see if it gets banned." That's retarded. I hire the judges. I set the match-ups. It couldn't possibly be fair. Worse yet, it's not funny. Sometimes, I would get nastier emails about how much I suck and should ban BT. That's cool too, but still not funny. It's also not completely accurate. I do suck, but I also bite, nibble and lick. That's a crucial difference in certain arenas of play.

Regardless, I HAVE committed a crime. I hold blogs to sometimes impossibly high standards, but I've let BT skirt those same standards during the last few months (most notably: don't ever let your blog/site/whatever lie fallow).

I hang my head in shame. This bastion of web purity has been scuttled by vermin and neglect. Considering how many truly awful blogs are out there, it's a terrible pity how remiss I have been in dealing out interweb justice. Yes, dear reader, your blog isn't as good as you think it is. You are not F. Scott, nor Hunter, nor Ernest, nor Sylvia, nor even Tom (as in Clancy). That's why it pains me to do what I'm about to do in order to preserve the hallowed standards set forth by the World Blogging Organization.

On this, the 27th day of November, 2006, I hereby ban the mighty and feared Blog Thunderdome from posting for a period of one month.

The Holy Order of Thunderdome hath spoken.

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