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Welcome to Thunderdome where we pit blog versus blog in a glorious fight to the death.

Two blogs enter. One blog leaves. The winner bears the honorable scars of battle. The loser is forbidden from blogging for a period of one month.

It's about time bad blogging got punished.

"Bad blogging" does not necessarily equal "crap blogging." It is very possible to have a generally good--yet flawed--blog. We at Blog Thunderdome like to expose those flaws like open wounds, pour salt in them, then rub vigorously.

To the winner go the magnificent spoils of victory: fame, adulation, beer. The loser is forbidden from blogging for a period of one month, by order of the World Blogging Organization (WBO). It is hoped the losing blogger will spend the imposed hiatus in deep contemplation on how to make their site not suck.

World Blogging Organization
The World Blogging Organization (WBO) is the independent governing body of the global blogging community. Blog Thunderdome is fully endorsed and wholly sponsored by this organization. You are also encouraged to submit other types of sites, such as forums or whatever. We will attempt to make an appropriate Thunderdome match up for you.

WebKittyn of WebKittyn Warbles graciously helps sort through your submissions. Yes, sometimes we offer prizes.

All rulings are final. Any and all appeals will be handled via a lengthy review process in order to discourage such nonsense as much as possible. (How dare you question the Holy Order of Thunderdome.)

Think what we're doing is cruel? No, no, my dear. You need to read Blog Implosion. Besides, this'll probably generate traffic for your site. Plus, you can always ask for help in the forum where we try to give back to the blogging community. You're welcome.

Here's a little FAQ for further reading.

Note: The WBO is not responsible for providing fame, adulation and/or beer to the winner.
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