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The rules are simple.

You submit your blog to Blog Thunderdome. You may either challenge a specific blog (by inviting that blog owner to enter the thunderdome), or we will select a random participant. (You may also submit a forum or other type of website.)

You will be notified when Blog Thunderdome begins. At that point, you may post on your site why your blog deserves to win (you are not obligated to do so...the judges of Thunderdome don't need your input). You may encourage visitors on your site to state your case here on Blog Thunderdome. The Holy Order of Thunderdome (our elite panel of judges) will make the final decision. With luck, they may even be sober at the time.

If you lose, you are expected to comply with the allotted penalty. In most cases, the loser will be forbidden from blogging for a period of one month. In most cases, you will be given a choice. Either:

  1. Accept a ban from blogging for one month OR
  2. Blog ONLY about my sites for one month

Occasionally, I will offer a third option that will entail you and/or some of your readers to make 100 or so posts on the forum in order to cut the ban in half. The exact number of posts will vary. Why would I want you to blog about my stuff? Eh. I dunno. I don't get too much out of running this, so why not?

Some people who willingly submit their site (and therefore presumably possess some degree of literacy) are total morons when it comes to the penalty phase of their misadventure. See how we started this page? It says, "The rules are simple." Apparently, some misanthropes see this as an opportunity to look for loopholes. While we're sure many of you people are fine upstanding citizens of the Blogverse, some of you need a few rounds with the whuppin stick. The time penalty assigned by the judges is to begin immediately and continuously. None of this: "Oh, I'll stretch the one month ban over the next year or two." Really? Is that how Leavenworth works? Didn't think so. Banees may post one farewell post. Any post during the ban period is a violation of the ban (duh). Doesn't matter if you wrote it months ago and want to put it up during the ban. Banees are encouraged to guest post at other people's blogs. You're supposed to (after all) have fun with this, not get pissy.

Since you are most likely quivering at the heavy gavels of the Holy Order of Thunderdome and too blinded by fear to submit your site, the World Blogging Organization has authorized Blog Thunderdome to periodically contact unwilling participants for this brutal virtual bloodsport.

If you lack the ability to laugh at yourself, please go away. You humorless lemmings bore us. In the meantime, here's a little FAQ for further reading.

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