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Frequently asked questions

Question: If I lose, I really can't post for a month?
Answer: You have a choice. (1) You can't post for a month. (2) You only post about me and my sites for a month. Occasionally, I will offer a third option that will entail you and/or some of your readers to make 100 or so posts on the forum in order to cut the ban in half. The exact number of posts will vary.

Q: At one point didn't you allow people to comment here on the Web site?
A: Yeah, I used Haloscan to remotely handle comments. But I have a deep and personal hatred of blog comments. Forum software was here first. Forum software is better than blog software. So I got rid of the Haloscan comments. All feedback is handled through the forum.

Q: Wait, you force people to sign up to your forum?
A: No. I prefer forum software to blog software (and blog CMS, comments, etc.). That's what I use. Yes, you have to sign up to the forum in order to leave a comment. Why? To prevent spam. The bottom line is: You don't HAVE to do anything. I use the forum to handle certain aspects of the Thunderdome because it's easy and simple to use.

Q: Yeah, but aren't you just doing this to get more members and posts in your forum?
A: Dude, if I wanted to get a bunch of members and a million posts, I could do that in a few months by posting about nothing but scantily clad models and celebrity gossip. It's no secret how to get a lot of traffic to a forum overnight. As you'll notice, however, I don't do that.

Q: What do you get out of this then?
A: Beats the hell outta me. It's no secret that this is my least favorite section of the site. Editing the judges verdicts is very time consuming. That's time I'd rather spend drinking beer, doing laundry and building my collection of immortal souls.

Q: Is the World Blogging Organization real?
A: Sure it is. I ought to know since I founded the damn thing.

Q: What if I lose and I don't want to follow my punishment?
A: Why the hell would you sign up to this thing if you're not going to adhere to the rules? If you're too much of a gutless coward to follow the rules, then don't submit your stupid blog.

Q: Can I enter my forum or some other type of website to the Thunderdome?
A: Sure, why not. We like banning all sorts of things. If your site is not a blog, it may take us a little longer to set up a contest. For example, we would want to pit a forum against another forum, so it might take a little time to find an appropriate match up.

Q: How would you ban an entire forum?
A: We would apply a different punishment, probably along the lines of plugging the hell out of my sites, posting X number of times in my forum about a specific topic, etc. The time frame of the punishment might be a little longer as well.

Q: I just lost in the Thunderdome and I'm really upset and pissed and angry and...
A: Dude, relax. This is all in good fun. Were our criticisms harsh and mean? Probably. Was there a grain of truth to them? Absolutely. Use that to make your site better. That's what this is all about.

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