Unnecessary WWI tank conversion into a 40k compatible vehicle

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn't paint it, but I wish I did.

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn’t paint it, but I wish I did.

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10th Anniversary of Doom

Yeah. So. Ten years.

Ten years really flew by. At, uh, at pretty much exactly the amount of time it takes for ten years to pass. It matched one to one. Yeah.

Still no air cars. Still no cure for cancer.

Badly Drawn Robots

I wrote the introduction to a supercool anthology of robots interacting with each other in the comic book medium. It's funny (the comic is funny; my intro is dumb (funny-dumb perhaps, but dumb)). … [Continue reading]

Cracker Jack’s “More Nuts” campaign still lacks balls

The data is in and tallied. Teams of empirical researchers and forensic accountants have received exotic vacation packages for their hard slogging. (The former are free to return to the query, "Cancer, how's about a cure?") My earlier concerns have … [Continue reading]

Flight is available now for your reading displeasure

Lost Penis (from Flight by Dave McAwesome)

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Designs of Doom: Details you never dared dream at your disposal

The many designs and redesigns of this site. … [Continue reading]

Design of Doom: Mk. 6 March 2014 to whenever – Back in black

The Mk. 6 is my favorite of the first six designs. … [Continue reading]

Design of Doom: Mk. 5b March 2014 – interim doom

I needed something quick to scrub Mk. 5 out and to act as a placeholder while I worked on Mk. 6. … [Continue reading]

Design of Doom: Mk. 5 Jan. 2009 to March 2014


Just when I promised myself no more drastic changes, I made more drastic changes. I moved the whole site to a CMS for easier maintenance. I keep trying to tell myself that while updating hundreds of static pages to fit in better with the rest of the … [Continue reading]

Design of Doom: Mk. 4 May 2008 to Jan. 2009

I got to the point where I couldn't stand the nameplate anymore. I wanted a design that echoed the product labels of the early 1900s without looking too dated. The older style coupled with the silly MA name would fix everything I had so far botched. … [Continue reading]