Designs of Doom: Details you never dared dream at your disposal

The many designs and redesigns of this site.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 6 March 2014 to whenever – Back in black

The Mk. 6 is my favorite of the first six designs.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 5b March 2014 – interim doom

I needed something quick to scrub Mk. 5 out and to act as a placeholder while I worked on Mk. 6.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 5 Jan. 2009 to March 2014

Just when I promised myself no more drastic changes, I made more drastic changes. I moved the whole site to a CMS for easier maintenance. I keep trying to tell myself that while updating hundreds of static pages to fit in better with the rest of the site. Rock on.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 4 May 2008 to Jan. 2009

I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the nameplate anymore. I wanted a design that echoed the product labels of the early 1900s without looking too dated. The older style coupled with the silly MA name would fix everything I had so far botched. It looks great in my head. You know what the problem with that is? I have to translate that into a graphics program.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 3 Nov. 2006 to May 2008 – Third time’s a charmingly disjointed mess

Although I liked the big, bold “Maximum” on the old design, I wanted to try something vastly different for the next design. I wanted to create an over-the-top effect with a smaller font size. [Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 2 Jan. 2005 to Oct. 2006

Moving on to design 2. You can open your eyes now. What do you mean they’ve been open? Oh, you poor sod. Move. Ing. On.[Continue Reading…]

Design of Doom: Mk. 1 Jan. 2005 – The ugly beginning

It began in ugly fashion in January 2005. I pooled all my html knowledge together in late 2004 to cobble what has to be the most randomly stitched-up site since blinking gifs fell out of style. Doubtless, you remember the first anniversary article in which I reminisced about the very first design of this site. Let’s look at it again, shall we? Close your eyes…[Continue Reading…]

Forum update

I’m updating the forum. If for any reason you can’t log in (or if I screw up and the forum is fubared), either email me (dave at this domain) or leave a comment at here.

New look

Yeah, okay, so the site has a new look. I’m in the middle of updating everything. Nothing’s lost. All the old pages are there. You just gotta go to the old home page. I won’t delete that.

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