Cereal Awareness Month archive

While I personally have always been festive about cereal, we officially started this holiday in 2006. That’s the kind of forward-thinking pioneers we are.  You’re welcome. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House season 2 recap guide

Fake rehab continues in Dr. Drew’s Sober House. [Continue Reading…]

Clone Wars Season 1 Episode Guide

I’d originally intended to watch Clone Wars from the beginning, but the trailers to the movie (of what were to be an arc in season 1) were so bad that I held off. I caught an episode or two here and there, but was not impressed. [Continue Reading…]

Clone Wars Season 2 Episode Guide

The season that finally, once and for all, ruins the remaining coolness of the Mandalorian Supercommandos. [Continue Reading…]

Star Wars: Clone Wars Episode Guides

I’ll be perfectly honest. I think the three prequel movies were garbage. I also don’t think much of the ‘expanded universe.’ You like it? Good for you. Just two things: don’t tell me I’m obligated to like it, don’t use the word ‘hater,’ don’t tell me the books are ‘good literature,’ and don’t tell me that’s four things not two. Cool? Cool. [Continue Reading…]

Celebrity Fit Club season 7 recap guide

Not exactly the best season of the show, but it had some special moments. The Ghost Climber in episode 1 is one of them.

American Idol season 9 recap guide

For another thankless year, Frank takes on the horror freak show that is American Idol. [Continue Reading…]

Celebrity Rehab season 3 recap guide

Take a group of E-list celebrities, stick them in a recovery center with a doctor of questionable motives, staff the place with ex-addicts. This is Robert Downey Jr.’s living room. It’s also Celebrity Rehab. [Continue Reading…]

TV show and episode guides

Superfun list of McAwesome Guides to TV shows.[Continue Reading…]

American Idol season 8 recap guide

We are grateful to Frank. He watches Idol so we don’t have to. [Continue Reading…]