Sober House 2, Season Finale: Pointlessness

It’s the moment we’ve all–well, six or seven of us, as I can’t imagine the ratings are much higher–been waiting for. The Sober House Season Finale. Not because we’re excited about something that’s happening in the episode itself, but mostly because it’s over. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 7: Moneylessness

If you have a drug problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…Dr. Drew’s Sober House. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 6: Gutlessness

Haha, when I said I was dropping the show last week, did you believe me? No, I’m doing to the show what it does in treating addicts: pretend to be all serious but not follow through one iota. So…here I am watching another episode. Damn it. I just screwed myself. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 5: Dramalessness

Big flinch fight last time. Heidi ticked off Tom, so he took it out on Mike by getting within an inch of his face and spit-screaming at him. So. You know. It’s on, right? Right? [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 4: Lawlessness

I should never have started recapping Sober House. Never. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 3: Joylessness

Last episode, Kari Ann hit a cameraman and was kicked out. Mike also hit a cameraman. Now we learn his punishment: he has to stay with Will for a night. Huhr? [Continue Reading…]

Sober House season 2 recap guide

Fake rehab continues in Dr. Drew’s Sober House. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2, ep. 2: Get a job

The only thing that can save this show is a 9.2 that flushes this noxious city into the Pacific (and that’s coming from someone who actually likes LA). [Continue Reading…]

Sober House 2 season premiere

Will a doctor’s dismissal of rules and consequences in Celebrity Rehab mean a smooth transition to sober living? Of course not. That’s why it’s on TV. [Continue Reading…]

Sober House fakeroo

Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House

Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House

The dirty leprechauns at Sober House have stolen my Lucky Charms…again. Every preview and commercial they showed for episode 3 was carefully, strategically plotted to build up an event that never happened. I, like an idiot couch monkey, ran to the TV screen and pressed my face against the warm, static-y glass to chase the banana they yanked from view when I got within a foot of the set. Lucky Charms, monkey/banana, carrot/stick…pick your metaphor; Dr. Drew fucked with us.[Continue Reading…]