Recession in Toyville: War on the Floor V, part 2

Recession in Toyville: Encounter at Mount Staircase

The global recession was hurting Cobra Commander’s terror organization. So despondent was he at recent cutbacks within Cobra that he decided to go for a morning drive. The ritual soothed him. It was a time to relax and collect his thoughts. [Continue Reading...]

Recession in Toyville: War on the Floor V, part 1

Commander: I’m getting back into the ‘Conquer the World’ business, Destro.
Destro: Excellent. My company will be happy to supply you with all the weapons you’ll need at exorbitant prices. [Continue Reading...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: action figures

You cannot have a holiday–any holiday–without action figures. I’ll never forget my Han Solo in Arbor Day Gear figure, for example.[Continue Reading...]

Super Awesome Day 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

If Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that gifts are an extremely important measure of one’s self worth. Super Awesome Day, now in its fifth awesome year, is even more focused on commerce. Its convenient location on the calendar a full 24 hours after December 25th makes it ideally suited for last minute shopping.

[Continue Reading...]

Dave McAwesome vs. Toy Fair 2009

Episode 2 of Dave McAwesome Presents. McAwesome is denied a beer as the group discuss the goodies at New York Toy Fair.[Continue Reading...]

To the Death Star and back

Super Awesome Day 2008 concludes.

I met an old friend at the Death Star, Grand Moff Tarkin. I should probably say former old friend, because, as with Boba Fett, all the fanboys flocked to Tarkin as their new favorite Star Wars character with not-so-much screentime (after Fett and Wedge). That pissed me off, too. I was a big Peter Cushing fan. You fanboys ruin everything.[Continue Reading...]

July 2008 archive – G.I. Joe Guide update

Storm Shadow, Roadblock 7.26.2008
Few more updates to the G.I. Joe guide: Stalker, Storm Shadow, Roadblock.

G.I. Joe guide updated

G.I. Joe guide updated.

G.I. Joe:

Cover Girl
Gung Ho
Heavy Duty


Cobra Commander
Dr. Mindbender

G.I. Joe guide, June 2007 update

More goodies in the G.I. Joe guide. This time it’s Duke and a little overview on the G.I. Joe and Cobra forces.

October 2005 archive