Oh what’s to say. I hand coded this site for 4 years. It was fun, but it’s time to join the 21st century with this full-on fancy pants site. Yeah, yeah, all the old content still exists. Go to the old home page.

I’m going to say, “More to add here,” to remind myself to add more info here. Yup.

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Oh, you expect me to actually tell you what this site is about? Looks like it’s time for a FAQ.


  1. Q: Why? In god’s name, why?
    A: Founder Dave McAwesome longed for an internet destination where investigative reporting, spot-on trend analysis and erudite wit could be cultivated and disseminated. Instead, he created Maximum Awesome.
  2. Q: My, this seems like a pretty fact-less FAQ.
    A: Please phrase your question in the form of a…question.
  3. Q: My, this seems like a pretty fact-less FAQ?
    A: You’re welcome?
  4. Q: Is this it?
    A: If there’s anything Team Awesome likes better than a good FAQ, it’s the end of a FAQ.

You made it to the end. If you wish, head on to the super, top-secret, hidden about page for more information you really don’t need to know.