Interview with Cheese, author of Badly Drawn Robots

Swooping low out of my self-imposed exile, I caught up with Cheese, the LA-based author of Badly Drawn Robots and stand-up comic. I loved this comic when I found it on the Old Internet. I love it now as it appears in its collected anthology. This interview was conducted via intertubinal electro-stimulation on a space-chat interface.

The Super Deluxe Something Anthology of Badly Drawn Robots.

Super Deluxe Collected Anthology of Badly Drawn Robots, The. Out now. For reading. With your eye-globes.

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Andy Chambers Interview from 2003

Once a mail order troll, Andy Chambers’ first few contributions to White Dwarf led to a career in developing and designing rules for the Warhammer 40K universe. Back in 2003, on the eve of the Eye of Terror campaing, the 40K Overfiend and motorcycle hound chatted about the forces of chaos, the fourth edition of 40K and Squats. [Continue Reading…]

Sports Mogul

All the best interviews cover turducken, ponies, LARPing (whatever the hell that is) and the Lingerie Bowl. (Yeah, it’s safe for work.)

Casey Currie, race car driver

Casey Currie

What does this race car driver say when confronted with the tough questions? “I’m not into eating gross things.” Super! (Includes artist’s interpretation of Hotwheels car and a Tyco RC Zero Gravity Cliff Hangers reference.)

Older interviews

All older interviews up to 2008 are archived here.