Baseball Mogul 2011 – toy of the week

I’ve been a big fan of the Baseball Mogul franchise for many years as I’ve always felt it married fun and complexity in the most user-friendly way possible. This year’s version added what I consider the last big piece to the puzzle: free agency bidding. [Continue Reading…]

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: sports pack

Here’s the thing about sports games: they are an illness. You can spend days and weeks turning your team into a dynasty only to dump them and start from scratch with a whole new team. You spend hours stocking your farm system with players who will likely never see a major league pitch. You waste time downloading roster updates, playbooks and new team logos because you’re obsessed with accuracy. You spend more time in this fantasy world than you do following real life sports. You are sick. So am I.

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Fantasy Baseball 2009

Both fantasy baseball leagues filled up very, very quickly (before I could post the info here, in fact). If you want to be notified earlier, please sign up in the forum.

Sports Mogul

All the best interviews cover turducken, ponies, LARPing (whatever the hell that is) and the Lingerie Bowl. (Yeah, it’s safe for work.)