Unnecessary WWI tank conversion into a 40k compatible vehicle

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn't paint it, but I wish I did.

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn’t paint it, but I wish I did.

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River Trolls – toy of the week

Games Workshop is releasing a new set of 3 plastic River Trolls for Warhammer. This is why I love this crazy company. [Continue Reading…]

Baseball Mogul 2011 – toy of the week

I’ve been a big fan of the Baseball Mogul franchise for many years as I’ve always felt it married fun and complexity in the most user-friendly way possible. This year’s version added what I consider the last big piece to the puzzle: free agency bidding. [Continue Reading…]

Super Awesome Day 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

If Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that gifts are an extremely important measure of one’s self worth. Super Awesome Day, now in its fifth awesome year, is even more focused on commerce. Its convenient location on the calendar a full 24 hours after December 25th makes it ideally suited for last minute shopping.

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Detroit Lions campaign in Football Mogul, part 1

I’m taking control of a team that is arguably more pathetic than the New York Jets, who last won the Super Bowl in 1969 and have only 2 AFC title game losses since. Who could that be? The Cleveland Browns? No, there are teams with worse modern records than the Browns. The Arizona Cardinals? They were just in the Super Bowl. The New Orleans Saints? Let’s see what the Drew Brees era nets first.

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Byzantine Empire in Europa Universalis, part 1

Preamble: I enjoy grand strategy games, particularly historical ones, but I don’t pretend to be a great player of them (see my Portugal campaign). I have my inspired moments as well as my bad. I sometimes like to modify a game file or two to reflect a radically unhistorical circumstance. I dig history, but these write-ups are more on the fun side. So if you get offended by something or think I’m a doof for making light of a “serious” game, go play in traffic, okay? I assure you it isn’t worth your getting flustered.

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Portugal in Europa Universalis, part 1

I don’t know why I like to chronicle dumb tales played out in historical strategy games, but I do. It started with a Spanish Empire campaign in Medieval: Total War 2. Please don’t contact me about how such and such would never have happened in real life, because I don’t care. Onward.

Portugal is a coward’s choice. They are buffered from the chaotic morass of continental europe by Castille and Aragon. They’re also buffered from muslim advance by Castille, which is fighting the Reconquista to free the Iberian peninsula from the Moors (or, if you will, Moops). [Continue Reading…]

Optimus Prime, Leader Class – toy of the week

Of all the crappy design work on the Transformers and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movies, the bot I’m most happy with is Optimus Prime. Do I need to see flames on his cab? No. Do I need to see Optimus lips? No. But I can live with it. They did a fine job on him.[Continue Reading…]