Spanish Empire in Medieval Total War, part 1

I formed a grand campaigning army for the mighty Spanish Empire. “Muy, muy caliente!” was our battle cry. North Africa shuddered under our footsteps. I swatted Portugal too, just for kicks and because they probably deserved it. Damn Toreadors. After lightning blitzes through Egypt, Jerusalem is finally in Christian hands.

I got nervous when the French, despite our allegiance by royal marriage, wantonly declared war by blocking my ports. Smelly, wine-swilling goons! I dispatched a courier to settle the matter peacefully, but lo! They laid siege to Pamplona. This is not the way to conduct a supposed alliance. As a lesson in etiquette, I burned down Marseilles.

Despite my taking the holy city in the name of a papal crusade, His Snootiness is still on my case about the damn French. I am recruiting Cardinals as fast as I can. Once that geezer dies, the papacy will be mine.

Continue to part 2.

(Played on Medieval: Total War 2)


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