Byzantine Empire in Europa Universalis, part 5

It’s difficult to explain to your 15th century kingdom what a crash to desktop error is. Needless to say, they learned a little French as we deja-vu-ed ourselves into Mamluk territory again. Things didn’t go quite as well this time. I pinned one Egyptian army against the coast and when they retreated they somehow retreated through my lines and laid siege to one of my cities. Dirty pool! Sounds like something the Portuguese would do. I’ll definitely add that trick to my playbook.

In between wars against the Ottomans and Mamluks, I sent out ships to explore. My navigators etched their tales in legend as they discovered the New World and the tips of South America and Africa. Allegedly. I say ‘allegedly’ because we never saw them again. They gave their all for Jupiter and country. I suppose I could’ve recalled their ships to a safe port, rather than push their discoveries beyond dangerous limits, but heck, they ain’t my family.

Next, what would be the conclusion if not for the concluding chapter following it. Part 6.


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