Recession in Toyville: War on the Floor V, part 2

Recession in Toyville: Encounter at Mount Staircase

The global recession was hurting Cobra Commander’s terror organization. So despondent was he at recent cutbacks within Cobra that he decided to go for a morning drive. The ritual soothed him. It was a time to relax and collect his thoughts. [Continue Reading…]

Recession in Toyville: War on the Floor V, part 1

Commander: I’m getting back into the ‘Conquer the World’ business, Destro.
Destro: Excellent. My company will be happy to supply you with all the weapons you’ll need at exorbitant prices. [Continue Reading…]

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: action figures

You cannot have a holiday–any holiday–without action figures. I’ll never forget my Han Solo in Arbor Day Gear figure, for example.[Continue Reading…]

Super Awesome Day 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

If Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that gifts are an extremely important measure of one’s self worth. Super Awesome Day, now in its fifth awesome year, is even more focused on commerce. Its convenient location on the calendar a full 24 hours after December 25th makes it ideally suited for last minute shopping.

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Optimus Prime, Leader Class – toy of the week

Of all the crappy design work on the Transformers and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movies, the bot I’m most happy with is Optimus Prime. Do I need to see flames on his cab? No. Do I need to see Optimus lips? No. But I can live with it. They did a fine job on him.[Continue Reading…]

Dave McAwesome vs. Toy Fair 2009

Episode 2 of Dave McAwesome Presents. McAwesome is denied a beer as the group discuss the goodies at New York Toy Fair.[Continue Reading…]

Dave McAwesome vs. New York ComicCon 2009


Stupider than you think.

Welcome to the first episode of Dave McAwesome Presents. Do enjoy.

By the way, the Faker reference is to a He-Man character. Faker was created by Skeletor to mimic He-Man. Naturally, because cartoon makers thing kids are dumb, Faker was blue.  This is a common thing in cartoon doppelganger plots. The doppelganger is always slightly ‘off.’ By ‘slightly’ I mean so different from the real thing that no person in their right mind would have difficulty spotting the enemy.

This episode is not how I originally intended to introduce Lincoln Bristol and Panicky “Nick” Buttons, but there you go.

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December 2008 archive

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

War on the Floor IV: Skip Hoppington Strikes Back.

  1. Hatching a plan
  2. A new plan to fix the old plan
  3. A gay old finish

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Punch a Jawa Month, 2008

August is Punch a Jawa Month.

August is 'Punch a Jawa Month.'

Jawas 8.20.2008
It’s punch a jawa month.

Star Wars Guide 8.14.2008
Starting my Star Wars Guide: The guide, Boba Fett and Wedge.

July 2008 archive – G.I. Joe Guide update

Storm Shadow, Roadblock 7.26.2008
Few more updates to the G.I. Joe guide: Stalker, Storm Shadow, Roadblock.