December 2008 archive

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

War on the Floor IV: Skip Hoppington Strikes Back.

  1. Hatching a plan
  2. A new plan to fix the old plan
  3. A gay old finish

Happy Super Awesome Day, 12.26.2008

To celebrate this year’s awesomest holiday, I wanted to get a gift for a very special someone. That journey took a lot longer than I thought and even involved Voltron and Strawberry Shortcake.

  1. Gift guide for Toyville
  2. Pastry utopianism
  3. Don’t cry, Wolverine. Don’t cry.

Raising the bar, part 4 12.8.2008
Booze gods be praised, it’s finally taking shape.

Raising the bar, part 5 12.22.2008
Yep, I finished it. Story.

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