Hatching a Plan

Part 1, War on the Floor IV

by Dave McAwesome
skippy bunny with dead rabbit

Skip: It's a shame how many bunny scientists died during the failed attack on Peep Village, Puffy.
Puffy: *decay*
Skip: I guess giving them double duty as frontline riflemen was a bad idea, eh Puffy?
Puffy: *putrefaction*
Skip: Heh, I blamed you for that one at the meeting of the Bunny Council.
Puffy: *worms chewing*
Skip: No worries. I think I got a handle on genetic manipulation. I read a high school textbook about it, and look! The first egg is hatching!

egg hatching
It wasn't until the egg erupted in a spurt of formless goo that Skip realized he had read an American high school textbook.

"Rats," Skip said. "I forgot to add Cayene." Indeed, a dash of cayenne pepper later, the dragon hatched. Unlike last time, however, this dragon didn't take direction. "Chomp!" it chomped. "Oooh!" cried Skip, "You ate Puffy Roundtail! Spit him out, dragon! I command you! Even though I'm running very quickly in the opposite direction."

Run he did.

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