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The War on the Floor Saga

The concept is simple. I get a few toys together and make them fight to the death on my living room floor (or some other floor...or couch). Hilarity ensues. Any lack of hilarity is probably due to binge drinking. See? Simple.

If you want to contribute cool toys to the cause, find me on the forum or look at the contact page.

War on the Floor I: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

by Dave McAwesome

This is the one that started it all. In a lot of ways the main reason I started this site was for an excuse to do this four-part article: one last go around for my cherished childhood toys before I threw them out. (A little secret: I had so much fun, I couldn't bear to throw them out after all.) I never intended there to be a series of these episodes, but I dug the concept and kept going.

The Rise and Fall of Zombie Pope, War on the Floor II

by Dave McAwesome

Attack on Peep Village, War on the Floor III

by Dave McAwesome

Skip Hoppington Strikes Back, War on the Floor IV

by Dave McAwesome
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