Super Awesome Day 2010 Holiday Toy Drive

Last season, we donated several hundred dollars worth of toys to Island Harvest, a hunger-relief organization that also distributes toys to needy children during the December holidays. Toys are necessary tools to foster imagination, creativity and social development for kids. You can help by either donating a toy in your own neighborhood or sending a toy to us, which we will then deliver to Island Harvest. Please contact us for more info.

Super Awesome Day 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

If Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that gifts are an extremely important measure of one’s self worth. Super Awesome Day, now in its fifth awesome year, is even more focused on commerce. Its convenient location on the calendar a full 24 hours after December 25th makes it ideally suited for last minute shopping.

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To the Death Star and back

Super Awesome Day 2008 concludes.

I met an old friend at the Death Star, Grand Moff Tarkin. I should probably say former old friend, because, as with Boba Fett, all the fanboys flocked to Tarkin as their new favorite Star Wars character with not-so-much screentime (after Fett and Wedge). That pissed me off, too. I was a big Peter Cushing fan. You fanboys ruin everything.[Continue Reading…]

December 2008 archive

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

Dakota Moongrace, interstellar fag hag

War on the Floor IV: Skip Hoppington Strikes Back.

  1. Hatching a plan
  2. A new plan to fix the old plan
  3. A gay old finish

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December 2007 archive

Conclusion 12.27.2007
War on the Floor III concludes in Part 5.

Happy Super Awesome Day 12.18.2007
This year, we’ve compiled the holiday gift guide to end all holiday gift guides.

Enter the dragon 12.10.2007
The Sugar Bunnies attack Peep Village. War on the Floor III continues in Part 4.

Interlude: origin of Cadbury Creme Eggs 12.6.2007
A quick interlude in War on the Floor III, as we look at the daring work of Malcolm Cadbury in Part 3.

One if by land; two if by creme egg 12.3.2007
War on the Floor III continues as Chirpy tries to warn Peep Village in Part 2.

December 2006 archive, SAD

December 2005, SAD