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Happy Super Awesome Day

It's probably better than Christmas

by Dave McAwesome

That's right, friends. A hearty Happy Super Awesome Day to you. The countdown has begun to December 26th, the happiest of all days, Super Awesome Day.

Why start another holiday in the busiest holiday month of the year? Hush, child. Have a seat and a cup of my super awesome hot cocoa. You see, my dearest, Super Awesome Day has no agendas. Nobody killed any natives for their land. Nobody got crucified. No animals were ritually sacrificed. A beer may have been chugged, but that's about it. It's your day. Do something awesome with it. Maybe even tell us about it.

I'm so amped about Super Awesome Day, I asked Galactus what he was going to do on December 26th.

Galactus eats a planet

There are several compelling reasons to believe Super Awesome Day, December 26th, will become a major world holiday within the next five years.

See you on the 26th!

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