10th Anniversary of Doom

Yeah. So. Ten years.

Ten years really flew by. At, uh, at pretty much exactly the amount of time it takes for ten years to pass. It matched one to one. Yeah.

Still no air cars. Still no cure for cancer.

6th anniversary…of doom: anniversary from the near future

I am writing to you from the future. Greetings and good tidings. While you savor the fruits of a well-deserved recession, I am happily one year in the future, sitting on the monuments of financial ruin and enjoying circumstances only slightly less terrible. There are still no air cars.

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5th anniversary…of doom: The big oh-five


A kewlops, conveyor of dreams. Half man, half gargoyle, half snake, half whale, half ape, and half not very good at fractions.

How has this site survived five long years on the internet? The internet! You can’t just go on the internet. They don’t take just anybody. And how on earth does an idea turn into electronic gold? What kind of machine tooling and manufacturing wizardry (and possibly gnomes) are involved? [Continue Reading…]

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Fortress of Redemption

Suppose you’re planning for the apocalypse and you need a scale model of a fortification to defend your worldly possessions. Suppose too that you need this model to double as a base for your tiny toy soldiers. There is only one solution and it is the Dark Angels Fortress of Redemption

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Apocalypse of Doom, part 4: Fortification

Finally, let’s deal with the last two topics of Extreme Survivalism: fortification and the Brave New World.[Continue Reading…]

Apocalypse of Doom, part 3

There’s going to be some major looting when civilization collapses and people begin to realize that they’re not, in fact, going to find out who the finalists are for the next American Idol. Things are that bad.[Continue Reading…]

Apocalypse of Doom, part 2

The first thing I did when I made my list was put it in Frank’s hands. Frank and I have discussed apocalypse scenarios before, and I knew he’d take me seriously unlike some of my other friends (“have u just lost your mind???”). Naturally, I was wrong.[Continue Reading…]

Apocalypse of Doom, part 1

Making a list and checking it twice
My interest in the coming apocalypse has inspired the creation of a survival list. I’ve compiled a combination of essential and good-to-have items enough for two people plus a few extra items for stragglers (because you just frickin know there’s gonna be hangers-on and ne’er-do-wells who have no clue; I won’t hold it against you if you instead get all Malthusian on their asses, kill them and roast their man-flesh over your fire pit). Apart from one or two items, everything may be carried for travel (via backpack or sled). Furthermore, I compiled the list with extended apocalyptic-level survival in mind, not just lost in the woods for 15 minutes. We’re talking zombification of the populace, mass extinction of the ‘soccer mom’ population, proliferation of atonal music, and the collapse of central and local governments.[Continue Reading…]

4th anniversary: Apocalypse of Doom

This fourth anniversary is a big one. First of all, I’m no longer hand-coding pages. Hell, I had to hand-code my rss feed. You know how much fun that is? Try salmonella. Yessiree, we’re on a bona fide, database-driven content management apparatus. Brand new design (again). I’m even allowing comments, contrary to every instinct in my body telling me otherwise. But Frank convinced me, so yay for him.

With the collapse of the global economy during the past few months, I’ve got one major concern top-of-mind these days. That concern is simple: absolute fucking chaos.

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October 2008 archive, the Bar of Doom is born

Raising the bar 10.15.2008
Building my own bar means I will always get served first. Bar of Doom.

The plans.

The plans.