4th anniversary: Apocalypse of Doom

This fourth anniversary is a big one. First of all, I’m no longer hand-coding pages. Hell, I had to hand-code my rss feed. You know how much fun that is? Try salmonella. Yessiree, we’re on a bona fide, database-driven content management apparatus. Brand new design (again). I’m even allowing comments, contrary to every instinct in my body telling me otherwise. But Frank convinced me, so yay for him.

With the collapse of the global economy during the past few months, I’ve got one major concern top-of-mind these days. That concern is simple: absolute fucking chaos.

My Scottish ancestors have spent many a cold winter harassed by English soldiers and petty robber barons. My survivalist heritage has kicked in full bore. Someone’s gonna put out a ‘revised edition’ of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, except the title will be somewhat updated…and it probably won’t be printed on paper…just a blog post…right before the power goes out…forever.

I will not sit idly by while barbarians loot my breakfast cereal cupboard and rape the neighbor’s cat. It’s go time. I’m gonna be prepared for the apocalypse. Yeah, I may fall, but I’m takin’ a whole lot of lawless ruffians with me.

Part 1: Making a list
Part 2: Frank responds
Part 3: Looting
Part 4: Fortification and the Brave New World


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