Apocalypse of Doom, part 2

The first thing I did when I made my list was put it in Frank’s hands. Frank and I have discussed apocalypse scenarios before, and I knew he’d take me seriously unlike some of my other friends (“have u just lost your mind???”). Naturally, I was wrong.

Frank: First of all, you’re deranged. I’m just sayin.

Frank, of course, is primarily concerned with Zombie Infestation. A laden sled in any sort of 28 Days Later plot, he argued, is a recipe for disaster.

Frank: A sled, while a fine concept, is too high risk. You’re dragging your stuff around, totally exposed. There are armed marauders to worry about, and if you have to run, you’ll be forced to abandon almost everything. I’m all about fortification and waiting for the worst of the crisis to blow over. Maybe the zombies will rot, or the Infected will starve.

Frank: A superflu (Stephen King’s The Stand, Terry Nation’s Survivors) will burn itself out. If you’re immune, you’re immune, but if you aren’t, you might be lucky to hole up till it passes. You might need to avoid other survivors, but if 98% of the population is gone, you’re gold. Just lock yourself in and wait.

Frank: Also, a big priority: raid a pharmacy immediately. Stock up on the basics: vitamins, aspirin, even cold meds. Also, steal as many antibiotics as possible. That stuff might expire, but if you get sick, even a weak dose can help.

Frank: Condoms are important, too. Unless you want to deal with having a pregnant companion, delivering a baby while making sure it and the mother don’t die, and finally, dragging around an infant. It might make a good Thanksgiving dinner, but probably isn’t worth the hassle.

He was right. I wasn’t ready for the rough and tumble world of the End Times. I had to make more lists. And pronto! I don’t know when this Judgment Day thing is gonna hit.

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