Unnecessary WWI tank conversion into a 40k compatible vehicle

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn't paint it, but I wish I did.

A painted Trenchworx British Mk V. This is from the Trenchworx website. I didn’t paint it, but I wish I did.

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Small Cars in Small Caverns

I was thinking about how to fix NASCAR the other day, while staring at the 5-hour rain delay at Bristol. How do you fix a sport determined to ruin itself by changing its scoring format every 30 minutes? Caverns.[Continue Reading…]

River Trolls – toy of the week

Games Workshop is releasing a new set of 3 plastic River Trolls for Warhammer. This is why I love this crazy company. [Continue Reading…]

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Fortress of Redemption

Suppose you’re planning for the apocalypse and you need a scale model of a fortification to defend your worldly possessions. Suppose too that you need this model to double as a base for your tiny toy soldiers. There is only one solution and it is the Dark Angels Fortress of Redemption

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Super Awesome Day 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

If Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that gifts are an extremely important measure of one’s self worth. Super Awesome Day, now in its fifth awesome year, is even more focused on commerce. Its convenient location on the calendar a full 24 hours after December 25th makes it ideally suited for last minute shopping.

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Warhammer 40,000 Fourth Edition

Once feared for the anticipated damage done to existing army lists, the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 is a kinder, gentler wargame. Fully compatible with existing codices, fourth edition strives to eliminate exploits of the third edition rules to create a balanced abstract wargame set in a grim, characterful universe. [Continue Reading…]

Andy Chambers Interview from 2003

Once a mail order troll, Andy Chambers’ first few contributions to White Dwarf led to a career in developing and designing rules for the Warhammer 40K universe. Back in 2003, on the eve of the Eye of Terror campaing, the 40K Overfiend and motorcycle hound chatted about the forces of chaos, the fourth edition of 40K and Squats. [Continue Reading…]

The General’s Compendium

When hurling wave after wave of goblins into the maws of gibbering Bloodletters loses its luster, Eric Sarlin and Jeremy Vetock’s The General’s Compendium is just the thing to shake off the Warhammer cobwebs. These rules are not official, so you won’t see them in the tournament circuit, but this tome packs in a good offering of variants on the traditional fantasy tabletop wargame to inspire new and old players alike. [Continue Reading…]

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures

What will all the Web sites and message boards on the Internet, it’s hard for a book on miniature painting to stand out. After all, if advice is available for free, why plunk down 20 bucks for a book? [Continue Reading…]

Codex: Eye of Terror

The Eye of Terror was Games Workshop’s gigantic Summer 2003 campaign. For tabletop generals looking to spice up their battlefields with mutants and mutant fighters, this was the field guide.  [Continue Reading…]