Small Cars in Small Caverns

I was thinking about how to fix NASCAR the other day, while staring at the 5-hour rain delay at Bristol. How do you fix a sport determined to ruin itself by changing its scoring format every 30 minutes? Caverns.[Continue Reading...]

Super Awesome Day 2010 Holiday Toy Drive

Last season, we donated several hundred dollars worth of toys to Island Harvest, a hunger-relief organization that also distributes toys to needy children during the December holidays. Toys are necessary tools to foster imagination, creativity and social development for kids. You can help by either donating a toy in your own neighborhood or sending a toy to us, which we will then deliver to Island Harvest. Please contact us for more info.

Boo Berry spotting

Once again, the always elusive Boo Berry cereal (Frankenberry and Count Chocula’s red-headed stepchild) is out now for the holiday season.

Don’t be stupid and miss out on Halloween’s latest tradition that isn’t at all a shallow marketing ploy designed to make you spend more money on stuff you don’t need.

Rock Band 3: Blurring the Line

I’m sure at some point you’ve been to a party (or gathering, if you’re old) where someone had Rock Band. If not, the terrorists have already won. What caps off an already brilliant event? Your own personal full band karaoke set up. Nothing more fun than watching friends and family slam on the drums or scream nonsense into a microphone.

[Continue Reading...]

River Trolls – toy of the week

Games Workshop is releasing a new set of 3 plastic River Trolls for Warhammer. This is why I love this crazy company. [Continue Reading...]

Kookies generic no frills Cookie Crisp

I’ve been waiting for a no frills version of Cookie Crisp for years. [Continue Reading...]

Baseball Mogul 2011 – toy of the week

I’ve been a big fan of the Baseball Mogul franchise for many years as I’ve always felt it married fun and complexity in the most user-friendly way possible. This year’s version added what I consider the last big piece to the puzzle: free agency bidding. [Continue Reading...]

Cupcake Pebbles: frosting with milk

There is a new entry in the Flinstones’ cereal world: Cupcake Pebbles.[Continue Reading...]

Cereal Awareness Month 2010

It’s that time again. April is Cereal Awareness Month. [Continue Reading...]

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