Cracker Jack’s “More Nuts” campaign still lacks balls

The data is in and tallied. Teams of empirical researchers and forensic accountants have received exotic vacation packages for their hard slogging. (The former are free to return to the query, “Cancer, how’s about a cure?”) My earlier concerns have been confirmed. Despite a vigorous “More Nuts” splash on their packaging, Cracker Jack boxes don’t have a hell of a lot of nuts.

I tested three 8.5 ounce bags. They were delicious. They would have been more delicious-er with more nuts, as had been advertised.

  1. Bag #1: 267 pop corn things, 45 peanuts (5.9 to 1)
  2. Bag #2: 265 pop corn things, 51 peanuts (5.2 to 1)
  3. Bag #3: 263 pop corn things, 37 peanuts (7.1 to 1)

I grouped the nuts into whole peanuts (i.e. two halves made 1 nut).

The total: 795 pop corn doodads, 133 peanuts (5.98 to 1). I note in passing that the ratio is somewhat misleading because the peanuts tend to settle near the bottom of the bag, so you can eat half the bag without seeing one. For bag #3, I observed that I ate 135 pop corn whatsits before my first peanut. That’s messed up.


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