River Trolls – toy of the week

Games Workshop is releasing a new set of 3 plastic River Trolls for Warhammer. This is why I love this crazy company.

A puking river troll by Games Workshop for their Warhammer line.

A puking river troll by Games Workshop

It’s puking. A puking river troll. How good is that?

I’ve never bought any Games Workshop trolls because I always thought they looked like a taller Keith Richards without hair. But these? How can you not love that foul, puking face?

What does 1/72 scale river troll puke look like on a sprue? I’m glad you asked.

Plastic river troll vomit/puke on a sprue by Games Workshop for their Warhammer line.

Vomit on a sprue

I feel strangely compelled to somehow acquire several of these vomit bitz to assemble a mighty puke fountain as a terrain piece.

Also notice the creature’s treasure trail. H. O. T. Hot.

Check out Games Workshop.


    1. awsomness says:

      the best website ever if ur blind i mean realy its so stuped kids dont want this they want real toys

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