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Happy Super Awesome Day

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Festivus and Chanukah wrapped up in one!

by Dave McAwesome

Did you feel it? Did you feel the surge of shoppers on Sunday afternoon grumbling, "Shoot, I could really use one more day of shopping." I did. Maybe it was just the voices in my head, but, hot dog, I felt the beginning of a massive wave signaling a tide of conversion not only to Super Awesome Day, December 26th, but also to the use of oceanic metaphors.

This year, we're celebrating the very first Maximum Awesome Awards. Every day this week, a new round of awards lights up the award-verse. Take that, Nobel Prize Committee!

Super Awesome Day may not yet be a nationally recognized holiday, but I encourage you nevertheless to take a sick day every December 26th. Perfect work attendance is for suckers, and *cough*cough* I feel a little flu coming on *cough*.

And please, don't drink and drive. You're confusing the order and missing a step entirely. On Super Awesome Day, we drive, drink then drop. So a Happy Super Awesome Day, a Delightful New Year and a Merry Watch Out for Drunks to you designated drivers out there.

*The origin of Super Awesome Day.
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