Dave McAwesome vs. New York ComicCon 2009


Stupider than you think.

Welcome to the first episode of Dave McAwesome Presents. Do enjoy.

By the way, the Faker reference is to a He-Man character. Faker was created by Skeletor to mimic He-Man. Naturally, because cartoon makers thing kids are dumb, Faker was blue.  This is a common thing in cartoon doppelganger plots. The doppelganger is always slightly ‘off.’ By ‘slightly’ I mean so different from the real thing that no person in their right mind would have difficulty spotting the enemy.

This episode is not how I originally intended to introduce Lincoln Bristol and Panicky “Nick” Buttons, but there you go.

Here’s the vid:


or the lower quality youtube version:

The companies featured include:


    1. Congrats, you actually did it.

    2. More please.


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