Spanish Empire in Medieval Total War, part 2

The pope is dead and one of my loyal Cardinals has been elected. What joy this has spread to the lands of Greater Iberia! “Bring the Spain!!!” is our new battlecry. The troops are now digging in against a new vile menace: The Mongol Horde. Look at their outfits. Deerskin is out, fellas. That’s soooooooo 1087. They didn’t think that was very funny and razed Antioch.

Another one of my king’s daughters married into the French royal family to further cement our faltering truce. Yet again, while my armies are busy defending the Holy Land from Mongol barbarians, the French invade. Hey, Eiffel, I’m a little busy saving Western Civilization from the ravages of Eastern invaders. Cut me a little slack, eh? Of course, when I defend my cities against the Parisian puffballs, the Pope warns ME against Christian aggression. So much for the home team advantage my Cardinal was supposed to provide. It’s not until the French attack the Danes that the Pope excommunicates them.

Time to swing the heavy hammer of justice. I raise an expensive army of mercenaries and quickly sack all of southern France. On a whim, I gift the lands to Russia, one of my allies. England has been kicked out of the British Isles by the Scots, so I give them Brittany to help them rebuild a powerbase on mainland Europe to continue antagonizing the French.

The Church reconciles with the French; I get yelled at for brushing off another French assault; and the pope has rewarded my service wtih an Inquisitor attempting to execute one of my governors.

Continue to the conclusion in part 3.

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