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Your #1 source for vomiting robot dinosaurs. (What's that, you say? First time here?)

War on the Floor IV 12.31.2008
Yeah, yeah, we'll finish up our extended Super Awesome Day celebration in a moment. For now, here are all 3 parts of War on the Floor IV: Skip Hoppington Strikes Back.

Super Awesome Day, part 3 12.29.2008
Shhh, Hugh Jackman. It's okay. Shhh. Don't cry, Wolverine.

Happy Super Awesome Day 12.27.2008
To celebrate this year's awesomest holiday, I wanted to get a gift for a very special someone. That journey took a lot longer than I thought and even involved Voltron. First two parts are here. Gift guide for Toyville.

Raising the bar, part 5 12.22.2008
Yep, I finished it. Story.

Raising the bar, part 4 12.8.2008
Booze gods be praised, it's finally taking shape.

Raising the bar, part 3 11.24.2008
Building my own bar makes me whistful for my elementary school carpentry days.

Raising the bar, part 2 11.4.2008
Screw the election. I'm building me a bar. Danger lurks as I combine alcohol and power tools.

Bloody Halloween III 10.31.2008
As we've done before, it's time again for your special Halloween appointed task.

Watch only what Frank watches 10.16.2008
If it's fall, it's time for Frank's TV guide.

Raising the bar 10.15.2008
Building my own bar means I will always get served first. Bar of Doom.

President, schmesident 10.7.2008
Check out the new reality TV show called Presidential Debates It kinda sucks.

Coke or Pepsi? 10.6.2008
Lesser of two evils? You're soaking in it. Let's meet our two choices.

Anchors aweigh 8.25.2008
Ah, the fantabulous life of a Star Destroyer crewman.

Jawas 8.20.2008
It's punch a jawa month.

Star Wars Guide 8.14.2008
Starting my Star Wars Guide: The guide, Boba Fett and Wedge.

Storm Shadow, Roadblock 7.26.2008
Few more updates to the G.I. Joe guide: Stalker, Storm Shadow, Roadblock.

Old-style arcade 7.24.2008
I *do* have plenty of better things to do with my time. Nevertheless, I made a paper arcade machine for the forum.

Happy graduation 6.30.2008
Did Star Wars fanboys ruin your yearbook? It's been done before.

The enigmatic Hugo Moped 6.2.2008
A letter (and response to) Hugo Moped, mysterious adventurer.

Referral Contest of Doom through June
We're holding our first referral contest in the forum. Win a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

American Idol: Finale 5.22.2008
Frank guts it out through the penultimate and ultimate episode. For Frank's full recaps of the last few seasons, check 'em out.

My stupid design notes 5.9.2008
I changed the nameplate again.

Cap'n Crunch variant 5.1.2008
Choco Crunch has the Cap'n chasing a French a circus? Okay.

Cereal Awareness Month 4.30.2008
You didn't think I forgot Cereal Awareness Month, did you? Well, okay, I almost forgot. Here's Berry Berry Kix.

G.I. Joe guide update 4.22.2008
Okay, now this is starting to look like a real guide. Minus the facts.

T-shirt model 2.27.2008
Pix of a model wearing the shirts are in.

Valentine's Day 2.14.2008
Based on the four most romantic songs, this must be the most romantic poem ever.

Yay T-shirts 2.1.2008
Our first three cool t-shirts are in. Buy one for yourself and one for Britney's kids. God knows they could use the frickin distraction. I'm working on gettin a photo shoot done with a model or two in NY so I can get a few pix up.

3rd anniversary 1.15.2008
Travel more than 100 stupid years for anniversary number three.

More bonus! 1.9.2008
More DVD-style commentary that has nothing to do with shooting in Vancouver. God that's boring. WOTF 2 commentary awaits.

DVD bonus! 1.7.2008
Want the author's commentary to the first War on the Floor? It's like DVD commentary except no Kevin Smith. Commentary awaits.

Conclusion 12.27.2007
War on the Floor III concludes in Part 5.

Happy Super Awesome Day 12.18.2007
This year, we've compiled the holiday gift guide to end all holiday gift guides.

Enter the dragon 12.10.2007
The Sugar Bunnies attack Peep Village. War on the Floor III continues in Part 4.

Interlude: origin of Cadbury Creme Eggs 12.6.2007
A quick interlude in War on the Floor III, as we look at the daring work of Malcolm Cadbury in Part 3.

One if by land; two if by creme egg 12.3.2007
War on the Floor III continues as Chirpy tries to warn Peep Village in Part 2.

War on the Floor III 11.28.2007
Did someone say "finally"? The third part of the series starts today. Part 1. You don't need to know anything from WOTF 1 and 2. They're all independent. Still, you might want to check out how it started.

Coming soon... 11.26.2007
There's a slight forum issue today. That'll be resolved soon. (It's not my fault; I swear.) War on the Floor III is on deck. Plus a holiday gift guide for Super Awesome Day to satisfy your soulless consumer desires.

vs. The Lottery 11.13.2007
Is $12 million enough?

Go beep yourself 11.7.2007
Honking your car horn is a sure way to get the ladies, right? Our intrepid reporter investigates. Honk.

More NFL 10.26.2007
More NFL stuff! This time with not a joke in sight! Nice.

McRib Appreciation Month 10.24.2007
Fake pork? I'll take two. The McRib.

No Fun League 10.12.2007
I did some NFL football stuff. Some of it's funny. Some of it's just for reference. NFL.

Bionic Woman recap 10.3.2007
Criticism is always better when fueled by bile. Jamie Sommers.

Sports Mogul 10.2.2007
All the best interviews cover turducken, ponies, LARPing (whatever the hell that is) and the Lingerie Bowl. (Yeah, it's safe for work.)

Fantasy Basketball 10.1.2007
Want to join our two fantasy basketball leagues? Details here. No, you won't finish last. That's my job.

Fall TV preview 9.26.2007
Frank watches more TV so you don't have to. Find out what's crap or not crap in his fall preview.

Kidney conundrum 9.25.2007
If Bart Swillington needed a kidney, would I step up? Should I? Let's find out!

Funeral for a friend 9.12.2007
A dear, dear friend passed away recently. Love lies bleeding on my glossy 8x10 Hammermill paper.

Mafia sign up 9.10.2007
We're going to start a new game of Misfit Mafia in the forum. Try out the paranoia for kicks.

Zarchives 8.23.2007
Zach Whalen's triptych masterpieces. The Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit and The Matrix. Now with bonus art criticism.

Destro 8.22.2007
Let's have a chat about Destro, Cobra's classy weapons supplier.

Left for dead in Vegas 8.21.2007
Many months later, here is part II of how I was left for dead in Vegas. Don't forget to read part I.

Hosting a mafia game 8.20.2007
Guide updated. How to host a Mafia game.

Mafia sign up 8.8.2007
We're going to start a new game of Misfit Mafia in the forum. Try out the paranoia for kicks.

Fantasy football 7.31.2007
Want to join our two fantasy football leagues? They're at Yahoo. League ID: 245042 the password is awesome; the second league ID# is 245176 the password is awesome. No, you won't finish last. That's my job.

Zach's IMs 7.27.2007
For this special Friday two-fer, Zach shares a couple of his IM conversations. First, a question about vampires and AIDS. Next, a shorter convo about reports cleaning. It's no wonder he's the most blocked man on MSN.

The Adam Brown interview 7.25.2007
What's in a band name? Well in this case, my name, that's what. Adam Brown reports.

Quite Frankly 7.18.2007
A case of crabs from someone's past threatens to ruin a relationship. Our man Frank whips up some vanilla butter sauce. After all, what's better with crabs than vanilla butter? Oh, it's not that kind of crabs? Oh. Oh, jeez. Ick.

iFuze, the iPhone accessory 7.11.2007
You know you want it. The iFuze.

Wrong email 7.2.2007
Sometimes emails go to the wrong place. Karl knows.

My Free iPhone 6.29.2007
Jealous much? You will be when you check out my free iPhone. It's only the greatest thing since last month's greatest thing.

G.I. Joe update 6.25.2007
More goodies in the G.I. Joe guide. This time it's Duke and a little overview on the G.I. Joe and Cobra forces.

Perv Friday 6.22.2007
Bears. A big gay hairy fetish.

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