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Back to the arcade

Yes, there was a world before Halo

by Dave McAwesome

I miss the days of hanging out in the mall arcade. Dark. Noisy. Wads of gum under the lip of the arcade machines. Checking slots for abandoned quarters.

Spiff Huntington and I would save up for weeks until we could stroll confidently into the arcade with a handful of moist coins drenched with palm sweat.

destro and han solo at paper arcade machine video game
Destro and Han Solo in Hoth Gear marvel at the machine yet curse its maker for its huge size.

In a bizarre tribute to these memories, I've created an arcade machine for the forum here (based on a diagram off the web). Enjoy or don't. Print on thick paper or else glue the paper onto cardboard or cardstock with a glue stick or thin coat of normal glue (don't bead the glue unless you want it to look like crapola). I used a manila folder for backing.

8x11 and 17x24 versions below.

misfitopia paper arcade machine video game
If only I could harness my creativity for the forces of good...
Go to 17x24 version.
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