Sober House 2, ep. 3: Joylessness

Last episode, Kari Ann hit a cameraman and was kicked out. Mike also hit a cameraman. Now we learn his punishment: he has to stay with Will for a night. Huhr?

Mike throws his wireless mic on the concrete and says he’s not coming back. Real nice. Because it’s not the well paid reality show producer who’s going to have to deal with that, it’s the lowly production assistant who feels the wrath from the rental house.

Drew let’s Mike back in the next day sending the message that it’s okay to be a dick. Also totally okay? Being the Worst Person in the Universe, because here’s Bob bringing Kari Ann back to the house. The folks in the house are fine with Mike coming back, but they draw the line at the Worst Person in the Universe. Heidi in particular let’s her have it. Why is it that everyone else understands Kari Ann except Drew and Bob? And Tom, apparently, who comforts her just to piss off Heidi.

Day 7. Group.

Heidi and Tom go head to head and Tom leaves, cursing her out. Bob finds him in his girlfriend’s apartment. He’s sleeping. If it seems like I’m skipping a lot, it’s only because it’s really boring.

First weekend at Sober House. Seth suggests staying home and playing board games. The Rodman is too cool for board games, however. Dennis, Jenny and Mike go to a club. Awesomely, Mike goes around introducing himself as “the bass player for Alice in Chains” over and over. One victim replies, “Good for you, dude,” upon which I cannot improve. Curfew is midnight and they are way late. As punishment, everybody (even the ones who did not go out) has their phone taken away. The big bad three also have to write a 150 words about what sabotages their recovery. Dennis refuses to give up his phone. Four dramas later, he gives in. He writes ‘why’ 150 times.

This show has become an exercise in joylessness. Part of the problem may be my watching this sober. I’ll try to rectify that next time. Mike and Tom will have some sort of screaming match…and that may be my last episode. We’ll see how the whole drinking thing improves this mess.

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