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As extra incentive for entering the Thunderdome (as if you needed any, you masochists), we have previously made arrangements with blog designers to donate an occasional design or two to randomly selected Thunderdome entrants. Notice will be posted in the forum. Anyone who ignores the Blog Thunderdome ban will, of course, be ineligible for the drawing. Lastly, what's a contest without the fine print.

More sweet, sweet prizes
Keep in mind that by "prizes" we mean "graphical banners."
Such is life.

Black goes with everything, so we think you will agree that these little graphical nuggets look great anywhere. (Did someone say t-shirts?) Now you will forgive us as we break up this page's black background so that you may see what these graphics look like.

By the way, we gladly accept reader contributions (and will, of course, host the image on the server).

All purpose:



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