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Guests of the Holy Order of Thunderdome
Sometimes HOT likes to enlist the help of guest judges in our quest to root out inferior blogs. Sometimes they even pull their weight.

None at the moment
They've all been promoted.

Oh, wait, no here's one...

alcoholic poet
Alcoholic poet does not do a very good job avoiding Sylvia Plath comparisons. In fact, she writes her blog from inside an oven. Once dubbed by a friend as the saddest girl he'd ever met, she has spent years honing her skills making herself miserable.

The staff requests that all bribes be offered through the email below. You have the right to offer whatever you want to the judge of your choice. By the same token, we have the right to mock you for such idiocy.

What's that? You think you have the cold rationality and raw intuitive power to be a judge? Send us an email explaining why. Don't hold your breath, dude.

Former judges:

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