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The Least of My Worries v. Pocketlint

The Holy Order of Thunderdome (HOT) has heretofore delivered lengthy and prolix judgements. Today, we strive to render our decision as quickly as possible (like ripping off a band-aid) in what we hope will be a future trend. Think of it as "blitzkrieg criticism."

The Least of My Worries
When we saw that Trisha at The Least of My Worries wrote a lot about her special needs kid, we braced for the train wreck that accompanies the genre of "poor me" blogs. Poor me, I have such-and-such a problem. Poor me, life is hard. Poor me, send money. That's not the case here, thankfully. Trisha actually has a sense of humor. Unlike most moms, she also has a sense of humor that doesn't rely on the punch line, "am I right, ladies?"

Trisha uses a fair bit of silly vocabulary, like "floofy" and "laughy tears." HOT gives a thumbs up on this, but will understand if you members of the blogverse dissent on this issue.

Here's the kind of nifty goodness you can find on Least of My Worries: "With the right sort of tee shirts, I would be a better mother, a better writer, a better person. I know it. But, here I sit with my 95% cotton, 5% spandex shirt, all uncomfortable and ill-fitting. The short sleeves hit my arm in exactly the wrong spot, below my muscle (ha!), showcasing my undefined upper elbow area."

On the other hand, Trisha, get that damned calendar off your blog. "Ooh, I don't know what day it is. I'd better click on Trisha's site to find out." Might as well put, "You are now on the Internet," in huge 36-point letters across the top of your page. It'd be less obvious.

Deb at Pocketlint did a wise thing in somehow wrangling a free template out of the lovely and talented Tech Wench. It's a lot better. How could it not be? Now there's a picture of a hot female-type rump in tight jeans. Tough not to like.

Just as this previous sentence flits across the keyboard, we unfortunately stumble across some content. Six out of eight posts in the last two weeks were about blogging, the blogverse, the birthdays of the blog's "owners," their Blog Advance services, whatever. Jesus tapdancing Christ, Deb. You knew how much we hate the act of blogging about blogging. We said so. To our recollection, our exact words were, "we hate blogging about blogging." It wouldn't be much clearer unless we tattooed it on your thigh so that you'd be reminded every time you engaged in an act of blog masturbation.

When Deb can pry herself away from the blog mirror, she's capable of surprisingly lucid (Aug. 24, Infidelity) and even funny (Aug 29, wanted poster of Jessica Simpson for the murder of "These boots were made for walking").

Firstly, we'd like to say (well, Dave, in particular) that would have been thrilled to host and sponsor (and film and ogle) Trisha and Deb's proposed custard wrestling match. In fact, if future contestants ever want to do some kind of weird physical contest in the presence of a duly appointed Team Awesome representative, we'd be happy to let that proxy as your Thunderdome contest. Trish, Deb...let's plan for a future custard match as round 2, m'kay?

Trisha posted a pic of her boob a few months back. We'd be liars if we said that doesn't earn all kinds of crazy-ass bonus points. Deb's tedious blogging about blogging (listen, we were happy to read about your stand-off with Blog Explosion--that was cool--but enough is enough) did her in. On this, the 12th day of September, 2005, by authority of the World Blogging Organization, Pocketlint is hereby banned for a two month period. (graphics for the winner and loser)

Medals of Dubious Honor:
Best ass picture: Pocketlint. Thank you, Deb.

Best use of a tiny font that no one can read: Trisha's sideblog.

The Holy Order of Thunderdome hath spoken.

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