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Phone Numbers

by Frank Pittarese

Dear QF,
So . . . if girls are all paranoid about giving out their phone numbers these days . . . but they're too insecure to call mine after I give it to them . . . uh . . . what's next? Homing pigeon?
--On Hold in Boston

Quite Frankly:
Back when I was the dating kind, I'd give out my number to whoever wanted it. I just didn't pick up the phone or call them back after they left a message. See? I played fair. These girls . . . they're just not giving you a chance to be rejected properly, and that's just plain rude.

Given the fact that we now live in the cyber age (or whatever the hell label they're sticking on the 21st Century), I suggest going with an exchange of e-mail addresses. Sure it's cold and impersonal, but it also allows for a certain amount of "safe distance" between you and Girl X.

E-mails allow you to compose your thoughts and be creative, funny and insightful. They also allow you to weed out dummies who write things like, "UR 2 cUte. I think we can be gude freinds. LOL!!!" I make it a rule to dismiss anyone who can't put together a single coherent paragraph.

Another benefit to going the e-mail route? You won't have to deal with some chick yammering at you while you're trying to watch the latest episode of 24.

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