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Deb's Countdown to Destiny

by Dave McAwesome

Yeah, so here's the deal. This girl Deb posts in the forum and has garnered what little trust I have left in people to be a moderator. Anyway, she's meeting her honeybunch in March. She references it in the forum frequently. The latest was yesterday. See what happened? She makes a joke about a countdown timer. Someone else wonders absent mindedly about whether or not that's possible to do in a browser environment. Cults and godhoods are mentioned...deity status perhaps. And I whip this up in like 14 seconds. Check it:

(Note: yeah, okay, so there USED to be a countdown here, but the date is loooooooong past, so just kinda pretend there's an awesome countdown goin' on. 3... 2... 1...)

That's right. Kneel, son. Kneel before Zod!!! Now go fetch me women and booze. Never. And I mean, nevvvvver think dangling the carrot of immortal godhood won't spur on this iron pony.

I rock. Clear?

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