Adult Baby Diaper Lover AB/DL fetish

Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby

The world of adult babies and diaper lovers

By Malfouka

In Marin County California, just north over the Golden Gate Bridge, you will find a small upscale town of about 14,000 called Mill Valley. According to the Chamber of Commerce, "The residents are proud of Mill Valley's excellent schools, low crime rate, strong economy and community spirit which characterize this town...Mill Valley offers the quality of life desired by those who want to raise a family in a nurturing environment, and by entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a growing economy and creative community..."

In other words, Mill Valley has more rich hippies than you could shake a bundle of sage at and every man, woman, girl, and boy in town has managed to release his or her personal Kundalini serpent through strenuous and dedicated yoga practice. The Chamber of Commerce boasts an astounding array of opulent businesses--you won't find a Taco Bell or Red Lobster here. From the Ferrari dealership to the Feng Shui consultants, the PR firms to the "bodywork" and meditation centers, this place is single handedly responsible for the widespread belief that California is a place of affluent lunatics.

Amidst all this money and finery and kooky new-age shit, there resides a most unlikely business/club and, according to its operators, it has been here in Mill Valley for over 20 years.

The name of the business/club is DPF (Diaper Pail Friends) and its raison d'etre is to provide the community and world at large with adult-size diapers, baby clothes, plastic pants, etc. No, the customers of DPF aren't buying these items for their giant children; they are buying it for themselves.

Adult Baby Diaper Lover AB/DL fetish

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover

AB/DLs are folks who enjoy being babies (Adult Baby) and folks that like folks that enjoy being babies (Diaper Lover).

Technically known as infantilism or paraphilic infantilism, AB is the desire to become--and the role-playing of--an infant or young child. Not only do they dress and act like a baby, Adult Babies usually have a "mother" or "father" (and sometimes a teenage babysitter) to take care of them. The parent does everything for his/her baby that a parent of a "normal" baby would do--and yes, that includes changing SOILED diapers. In fact, there are tapes/CD's that one can purchase that will help the Adult Baby overcome the natural adult "control of the bowels," thus allowing the AB to shit in his britches--as well as pee in his diaper without consciously trying to do it. From the DPF website: "Whenever you are comfortable and in a safe place, you will feel yourself turning into a real baby - into the exact baby of your dreams. You will feel like a baby. You will act like a baby. You will even think like a baby. You will have no control over your bladder or your bowels. You will feel marvelous. It will feel real. You better be in diapers before you listen to this tape or you'll wet and mess all over yourself. Then, miraculously, when you need to return to your (adult) self, you will become big again. And happy. And satisfied - because of your wonderful experience."

Adult Babies are usually straight males. Apart from spending their free time hanging out in custom made cribs and playpens while wearing diapers and bonnets, they are generally average man-next-door types. However, two of the most psychological commonalities between many ABs are an overwhelming desire to be unconditionally taken care of and an emotional need to return to a state of blameless greed.

Diaper Lovers, simply enough, like playing the role of care-taker to an AB.

At first, I was a bit confused. What is the payoff here? Then I dug a little deeper. Apparently, the mothers/fathers of the AB often engage in sex acts with their bizarre children. This can take on many forms. I read the story of one baby whose "mother" jacked him off in his diaper. In another story, the mother "breastfed" the baby as a prelude to some thorough oral action. Furthermore, most--if not all--ABs find the very act of dressing and acting like an infant sexually stimulating in and of itself.

Although the AB/DL fetish is not as well known and mass-marketed as that of the Furry fetish, there are surprisingly large amounts of social groups and retail venues catering to the community and the AB/DL porn industry is veritably booming with offerings such as: "The Bedwetter V3 - This video may be your ultimate fantasy. In this story, an otherwise "normal" teenager still wets the bed. His distraught mom and dad decide to take him to a psychologist as a last resort to put an end to wet, smelly sheets and drenched, stinky bed clothes. The psychiatrist suggests that they diaper him at night, saying that he thinks the boy has "inner needs to be babied." The scene where the kid gets diapered by his mom and dad for the first time is so exciting that by the time his parents have managed to get a diaper and pair of plastic "baby" pants on him, you'll probably have wet and cum in your pants too. In the weeks that follow, the psychologist recommends additional "treatments" that seem to regress the boy further back into babyhood (DPF)."

So, until next time, may all your diapers be disposable.

Adult Baby Diaper Lover AB/DL fetish
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