The world of Looners

So Hot and Ready to Pop

The world of Looners

by Malfouka

Everyone pretty much likes a balloon. Hell, what's not to like? They're bright and bouncy and stupidly cheerful. They can float, they make a loud noise when popped and nothing is better than dropping a water balloon off a balcony onto an unsuspecting passerby. Yup, balloons are great. There are, however, those who don't just like a balloon; there are those for whom a balloon is an object of hot, sticky lust.

Welcome, my friends, to the world of "Looners." This a place where a balloon isn't just a balloon and sex often ends with a bang.


Balloon fetishists, or Looners, are folks that are sexually stimulated by and/or have sex with balloons. In order to fully appreciate this fetish, I, your intrepid perversion expert, infiltrated the world premier balloon fetishist internet forum, Balloon Buddies, Ltd., and what I learned has forever changed the way I look at these objects of childhood joy.

The balloon fetish is indirectly related to latex fetish. Like latex, balloons are tactile and supple and imitate the consistency of human skin. However, unlike plain latex, balloons have the ability to expand, which for some looners, is representative of the swelling of primary and secondary sexual organs during arousal.

There are two types of looners: "Poppers" and "Non-Poppers." Poppers, during sex or at the conclusion of sex, like to inflate the balloon until it bursts or manually pop the balloon with whatever instrument the popper feels is appropriate–pins, stiletto heels, cigarettes, etc... Non-Poppers, as the name suggests, like their balloons to remain inflated throughout whatever activities they engage in and oftentimes keep the same balloon/s around until the bitter, semen-soaked end. There is much conflict and debate between the two types of looners with non-poppers arguing that the balloon is an entity unto itself and should be spared and the poppers maintaining that the balloon is a representation of the sexual build-up and release. In fact, the debate between the poppers and non-poppers has been known to get so heated that it makes the conflict in the Middle East look like a minor squabble over who ate the last Twinkie. Some poppers don't actually pop the balloon themselves but get off on the sound of the balloon exploding and/or the look on a partner's face when the balloon pops. Among poppers, there are those for whom the inflation and destruction of the balloon takes on a domination/submission context with many of the participants imagining themselves either dominant over a submissive partner–in this case, the balloon–or themselves being forced by a third party to pop the object of their desire. I like to think of the non-poppers as the "give peace a chance" crowd and the poppers as the "X-Gamers" of the erotic world.


Looners enjoy a wide range of sexual balloon play. For some, rubbing the balloon on naked skin is enough to get their motor running, for others, the sensation of fucking a huge balloon is necessary for climax. One enthusiastic looner, Buster Steve, says,"I like to: blow balloons up until they are full and tight and hard and about to burst. At the point a balloon gets so big that it is over-inflated and pear shaped, my heart begins to race, and I find the fear of the balloon exploding an exhilarating rush. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I find it a turn on to show just how big I can blow a balloon myself....Press tight balloons against my body, or have tight balloons pressed against my body. Against the underside of my genitals in particular... I find the soft stretchy pressure particularly intense. Lightly brush or have an incredibly tight balloon brushed over my nipples and chest lightly... I like this especially when my nipples are swollen and sensitive. I like to experiment with different ways of "wearing" balloons... Pulling really big inflated balloons over myself, and watching them bounce around.... or trapping myself inside a huge balloon and then inflating it with an air hose... I like to sit on balloons and see them expand and distort even further....see how much they will take before popping. I like to straddle or lay across a giant balloon while it is inflating, and feel it grow beneath me...lifting me off the ground and holding me suspended in mid-air, while I hump away against it...fearing it bursting and sending me to the ground. I love the 'ringing' sound a really big tight balloon will make when you thump it. And the way it "wobbles" as it bounces. The sound of a balloon being powerfully inflated by mouth even turns me on...I love the smell of balloons....I just love having balloons around....even though they are not always the source of sexual excitement. I like to see: guys blowing up balloons by mouth. This is especially a turn on if they are into blowing the balloon really huge, all the way to bursting..." Steve has also parlayed his love for balloons into an internet business, Big Boy Balloons, that specializes in balloons for the looner community.

Sometimes looners will become attached to a balloon and keep it around for days as if it were a human sexual partner.

I must say, I was amazed at the number of looner websites floating around out there--I never imagined that there were so many folks having sex with balloons. Just think, your dentist, your bag-boy at the grocery store, the little old lady in the park, the meter-reader, all of them might be looners!

Until next time.

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