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January 2006 archive (1st anniv.)

  • Happy Anniversary
    January 12th is the birthday of this site. Good heavens, we’ve accomplished so little. (A note on our first anniversary.)
  • 24
    The missing episode: Jack Bauer gets hungry.
  • Wish you were here (on Cobra Island)
    The news sucks. It’s a bunch of pretty faces in front of a teleprompter who have no inclination to get to the heart of issues. So when Osama popped his head out of the cave long enough for a sound bite, we knew right away how important it was to ignore the issue and just crack jokes.
  • Can’t say I’m terribly proud of this experience, but whatever. Personally, I blame the Food and Drug Administration. Jerks.
    I ingested a known toxin. Once again I have defied not just death, but also my own careless stupidity.