Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp puzzle

Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp

Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp

I don’t know what it is about Cookie Crisp that makes people want to shove more chocolate in it. Every year General Mills trots out another 10 or 12 boxes of Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp. I can’t imagine they sell more than that. They must have changed the recipe a dozen times by now.

Cookie Crisp is great as just Cookie Crisp. It doesn’t need more of anything. When I saw the box of Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp in the store, I was ready to go on a fiery rant about how much it sucked. I was jotting down notes on the store receipt. Laughing to myself…alone…as I cracked a series of mean-spirited jokes at General Mills’ expense. Then I shoved my hand in the box and scarfed down a few.

Damn. All my jokes are for naught. The recipe isn’t bad this time. It’s not as good as default Cookie Crisp, and I still don’t see a genuine reason to have multiple variations on Cookie Crisp…but it’s not bad.

Okay General Mills, you win this round. A bland kudos to you and your cereal brewers for a mediocre bowl of fake cookies.

But hey. Don’t get all chummy with me, Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp. I still resent your taking up valuable shelf space from default Cookie Crisp. And I’m still going to expose the answer to the puzzle on the back of your box.





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    1. cookie crisp lover 3955 says:

      you rock dude!
      keep talking to yourself in supermarkets and working out puzzles for kids.YOU FRUITCAKE.

      actually dude. you blow my mind.


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