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July 2005
Here’s where things go to pot. Records are vague at best. I’m still trying to fill in the blanks.

July 5
Blogtards – the interview that spawned…

Blog Thunderdome – Two blogs enter, one blog leaves.

July 10-ish
Quite Frankly
I lost track of a couple because I wasn’t updating the forum regularly at the time. The following Quite Frankly columns appeared sometime between January 2005 and July 2005:
Paying the price of porn – girlfriend pokes around boyfriend’s computer and finds bisexual movies
Statutory Sam
Toe-tally Confused – man on man foot massage
True Romance – just out of the closet and looking for love
Cinderfella – body language, non-verbal signals

July 17
Lance Armstrong is not my hero – I offer a better version of the Live Strong bracelet. Plus NASA fails to launch another space shuttle.

July 24-ish
Poncherello – I got more in-depth about Ponch’s coiffure.

July sometime.
I believe the first two episodes of Blog Thunderdome took place in July. I used Haloscan comments at the time. Those would’ve totally confirmed or disproved that assertion. Haloscan, unfortunately, deletes old comments. Thanks for nothing Haloscan.
Zazzafooky vs. Whiter Shade of Pale – ep. 1

The People’s Republic of Paradise vs. The Speckled Band – ep. 2