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assorted Oct. 2007 stuff:

More NFL 10.26.2007
More NFL stuff! This time with not a joke in sight! Nice.

McRib Appreciation Month 10.24.2007
Fake pork? I’ll take two. The McRib.

No Fun League 10.12.2007
I did some NFL football stuff. Some of it’s funny. Some of it’s just for reference. NFL.

Sports Mogul

All the best interviews cover turducken, ponies, LARPing (whatever the hell that is) and the Lingerie Bowl. (Yeah, it’s safe for work.)

Bionic Woman recap

Frank watches more TV than you. This time it’s Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman recap 10.3.2007
Criticism is always better when fueled by bile. Jamie Sommers.

And on to part 2 of the recap.