July 2007 archive

Zach’s IMs 7.27.2007
For this special Friday two-fer, Zach shares a couple of his IM conversations. First, a question about vampires and AIDS. Next, a shorter convo about reports cleaning. It’s no wonder he’s the most blocked man on MSN.

The Adam Brown interview 7.25.2007
What’s in a band name? Well in this case, my name, that’s what. Adam Brown reports.

Quite Frankly 7.18.2007
A case of crabs from someone’s past threatens to ruin a relationship. Our man Frank whips up some vanilla butter sauce. After all, what’s better with crabs than vanilla butter? Oh, it’s not that kind of crabs? Oh. Oh, jeez. Ick.

Wrong email 7.2.2007
Sometimes emails go to the wrong place. Karl knows.

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