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Detroit Lions campaign in Football Mogul, part 4

My fans (gauged by the game’s fan loyalty index) are happier with the team now that we’ve shown a propensity not to suck (frequent Stafford picks notwithstanding). We all know what that means. Higher ticket prices.

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Madden 2010 Campaign, Part 3

In a normal season, an undefeated start would be cause for celebration.  However, a closer look at the Buffalo Bills defensive statistics reveals a troubling trend developing.  The Bills, while 2-0, are currently ranked 31st in the NFL in passing yards allowed.  Determined to fix something that isn’t currently broken, Dick Jauron sprung into action.

“With Drew Brees coming into town next week, we need to find a way to put more pressure on the quarterback”

So you are saying you’d like me to make a trade?

“I’ve got the perfect guy in mind”


“Vernon Gholston”

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Detroit Lions campaign in Football Mogul, part 3

Mike Stafford is not progressing as well as I’d hoped. He’s got two seasons under his belt, solid receivers, and a line that’s giving him a little time in the pocket. My scouts say his abilities have shown only marginal improvement. This is bad because I don’t have a high enough draft pick to shop for a new QB. It’s also bad because, as he reminds me in practice, his name is Matt, not Mike.

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Byzantine Empire in Europa Universalis, part 5

It’s difficult to explain to your 15th century kingdom what a crash to desktop error is. Needless to say, they learned a little French as we deja-vu-ed ourselves into Mamluk territory again. Things didn’t go quite as well this time. [Continue Reading…]

Detroit Lions campaign in Football Mogul, part 2

After the season, I scouted the free agent market. The Falcons let Matt Ryan go. Wow. All he did was throw for 3000+ and 20+ TDs. I can see why they didn’t renew his contract. How dare he not throw for 4000+ and 30+ TDs. In Baseball Mogul, there is a global modifier to set for player movement. You can set it so that teams are less likely to trade or release talented, young players. Why is this feature not in Football Mogul? I don’t know.

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Byzantine Empire in Europa Universalis, part 4

I applied the same method of instigating internal revolt and waiting for the proper timing to my next war against the Mamluks. The proud history of the Mamluks is a long one–and proud, hence the adjective at the beginning of this sentence. They controlled Egypt and portions of the Middle East for almost three centuries. Their name echoes the sound one makes when accidentally swigging a gulp of sour milk, but don’t say that to them unless you’re prepared for war.

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