Boo Berry now at Target

This is a public service announcement. Boo Berry cereal is now available by the truckload at Target.

Get yours now before they start stacking the shelves with Thanksgiving crap on Sept. 29. Goddammit, you chain stores! Won’t you let the seasons breathe?

This has been a public service announcement. You may go back to your tedious business.


    1. Damn skippy.

    2. Boo Berry and Frankenberry are now confirmed in the greater Los Angeles area.

    3. It’s in common supermarkets now. I suppose this takes us off DEFCON 1, but I still suggest buying no fewer than 50 boxes.

    4. #33 AHH! Ja’mie made it all the way to The Berry!In the last couple of mothns my husband and I have watched through Summer Heights High twice Chris Lilly = GENIUS.


    1. […] again, the always elusive Boo Berry cereal (Frankenberry and Count Chocula’s red-headed stepchild) […]

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