Football Mogul 2010 kicks off the season

I’ve logged more hours in the Football Mogul franchise than in Madden.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. In terms of speed, user interface and simply cutting to the chase on must-have features, this is the best multi-season simulator there is. If you want to play a football game, play Madden. If you want a general manager simulator, play Football Mogul.

Football Mogul 2010 playbook editor

Football Mogul 2010 playbook editor

Football Mogul 2010 boasts rosters for every year since the AFL-NFL merger. You can relive and radically alter any season starting from 1970.  (Naturally, as a Jet fan, I am robbed of our one glory year.) The AI and simulation speed have been beefed up, as they are in each annual release.

The gameplay largely remains the same. Draft players, sign free agents, trade future draft picks, tweak ticket prices, design your own plays.

Does it have everything? No. For instance, contracts are about years and bonuses. There are no incentive clauses or imbalanced years. For me, that’s never been an issue. I want to be a general manager, not an administrator. I want to sim entire seasons, not get bogged down in minutiae.

Football Mogul 2010 salary negotiation

Football Mogul 2010 salary negotiation

Because of the NFL league license being swallowed up by EA Sports, you’ll have to do some image swapping to get genuine team photos. I have my own from years of play (some are posted in my NFL guide), but others are available on the company’s forum (link below). The important thing is the players are all there.

This game does a lot to fill the gaps between Monday Night Football and the following Sunday afternoon.

Football Mogul 2010 by Sports Mogul.

My Detroit Lions campaign begins.


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