Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Chaos Reaver Titan

Nobody will think lesser of you if you can’t shell out for this humongous model, but if your wish list includes a lot of hellish fiends and eight-pointed stars, you should add this just for kicks.

Forge World Chaos Reaver Titan

Forge World Chaos Reaver Titan

The size is mammoth. The detail is phenomenal. The weapon arms and missile launcher are sold separately, but they are mandatory.

I recently bought my first Forge World models (not the Titan, something much smaller), and their quality matches exactly what you see on their site. I’ll concede that I prefer metal and plastic to working with resin (particularly with warpage and brittle-ness), but the amount of detailing in Forge World models is worth it. (Eh, do I wish I had a Dremel to remove and sand off the mold plugs? Hell yes. My advice if you only have a hobby knife: make wedges in the large excess resin tabs (the mold plugs)–you can’t do it in a single straight cut. Next time I’m getting a Dremel.)

Forge World is continues its wonderful Imperial Armour series year after year, so if the Chaos Reaver Titan is out of your price range, check out the books.

Chaos Reaver Titan by Forge World

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